24 Hour, emergency accommodation and women’s shelters in Sydney

Note that many of the women’s shelters in Sydney DO NOT publish their addresses to keep their guests safe. Consequently, you may need to call each shelter to get their location.

To get specific addresses of local shelters please call the numbers below.

While all shelters want to help, some may not be able to assist unless you meet their criteria. Furthermore, some shelters may not allow boys over a certain age.  Because of this, we recommend your first visit be to Ask Izzy.  Ask Izzy provides as much information as possible to help you find the right shelter.  Because shelter funding is tight, you may find less options than you expect.  If you have a trusted friend or family member you can stay with while you find a shelter, it is the best option first of all.

Business hours emergency housing and women’s shelters in Sydney

In addition to 24 hour women’s shelters, these services provide crisis accommodation for women and their families. If you can grab a couch for a night or two when you leave, these organisations may be able to help you to find women’s or family accommodation while you transition to longer term accommodations.

Medium and long term women’s housing Sydney

Try these services to help you apply for medium and long term housing assistance or get help with resources for finding a safe place to start your recovery from domestic violence.

Escaping domestic violence in Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s hotspot for homelessness and complex social issues. Therefore, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed and as though support isn’t available to you if you’re ready to leave a violent relationship. Speaking with counsellors at any of the organisations above can help you put a Domestic Violence Safety Plan in place. Women who take that courageous first step rarely regret it, yet most report delaying the first step for too long. The first step is the hardest.  Don’t listen to the little voice telling you that you can’t – even if it seems like escape is impossible.   You can do it.  Help is available. You won’t regret it because you deserve to feel safe.

There is support for you and your children across New South Wales. The Sydney homeless and domestic violence support organisations we’ve listed can help you get a safe leaving plan in place and support you through the first vital step.

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