24 Hour, emergency accommodation and women’s shelters in Melbourne

Note that most women’s shelters in Melbourne do not publish their physical address on the internet to protect their guests.  Please contact the phone numbers below. If you are in immediate danger, please call 000 first.

Business hours emergency housing and women’s shelters in Melbourne

In addition to 24 hour women’s shelters, these services provide crisis accommodation for women and their families. If you can grab a couch for a night or two when you leave, these organisations may be able to help you to find women’s or family accommodation while you transition to longer term accommodations.

Medium and long term women’s housing Melbourne

These services can help you apply for medium and long term housing assistance, or get help with resources for finding a safe place to start your recovery from domestic violence.

Domestic violence safety plan

If you want to leave a violent relationship, whether it’s your romantic partner, your dad or anyone else in your home, Victoria has plenty of resources at hand to help.

Does this sound familiar? These were the main concerns of thousands of women who have successfully left violent relationships and now live safer, happier, more stable lives.

  • I’m worried for my safety if I leave
  • I don’t have friends and family to support me
  • I’m worried about how this will affect my children
  • He always says sorry afterwards
  • If I leave, I will lose all “our friends” or “our community”
  • I have no money to leave
  • What if he tries to take our children?

There is support for you and your children across Victoria. Leaving domestic violence isn’t easy, but the hardest step is the first step. The organisations we’ve listed can help you get a safe leaving plan in place and support you through the first vital stages.

Volunteer with Share The Dignity Melbourne

Can you lend a few hours to be part of the solution? Domestic Violence is out of control, not just in Melbourne but across Australia. We need dedicated Sheroes to help us help women in Melbourne. Interested? Find out more about volunteering with our Melbourne team here.