Please don’t hesitate to call Triple 0 if you’re in a violent relationship and in immediate danger. The safety of each guest in these establishments is of the upmost importance, and so the addresses might not be available anywhere online.  This is to stop violent partners showing up at women’s shelters.  A quick phone call will provide you with any assistance you might require. Remember – these wonderful organisations are here to help.

24 Hour Emergency Accommodation and Women’s Shelters in Hobart

In Hobart, these organisations provide emergency accommodation to women who require it 24 hours a day.

Business hours emergency housing and women’s shelters in Hobart

For safe crisis accommodation for yourself and your family,  Hobart has a range of organisations who can help you until something more long term becomes available. These contact numbers are answered during business hours only.

Medium and long term women’s housing Hobart

The organisations below can help you find accommodation for medium length to longer stays. If you require any further assistance, whether it’s medical, financial, or anything else, they can help you while you begin your new journey, free from violence.

Domestic Family Violence Plan

If you’re in a romantic, platonic or familial relationship that’s violent, you may feel very alone. You aren’t! There is a way out, and there are people who you can turn to for help. Hobart has a number of wonderful organisations that offer assistance, and you need only ask. Please remember – you are not alone.

If it seems like the best time to leave, it probably is yet that little voice inside your head is holding you back.  Lots of women have felt that, but consequently taken the first step and never looked back.  The hardest step is the first of all steps. If any of these statements below sound familiar to you, seeking help is your best option.

  • I’m worried for my safety if I leave, and if I stay
  • Maybe it’s me?  Maybe I provoked him?
  • I don’t have friends or family who could support me and my kids
  • I’m worried about the effect this will have on my children
  • He always says sorry after he’s lost his temper
  • If I leave, I lose all our friends or our community
  • I don’t have enough money to leave, he controls the money
  • What if he goes after custody of our children?

It can feel like the obstacles you face when attempting to leave a violent relationship are insurmountable. With proper help, you can make the first steps towards living a violence-free life, where you are happy and safe.