24 hour, emergency accommodation and women’s shelters Gold Coast

Ask Izzy is the most comprehensive tool for women in crisis.  You can find all the information you need, including women’s shelters in The Gold Coast area that may not be listed below.

Sheltered by Grace (Logan, Brisbane)
Ph: (07) 3200 7145
Supported accommodation, 24 hour onsite support and case management program.

Salvation Army
Ph: 13 72 58

Womensline (DV Connect)
Ph: 1800 811 811
Emergency accommodation for QLD women and children who are in danger of violence.

Anglicare Southern Queensland
Ph: 1300 610 610
Accommodation and support for single women and women with children.

Homeless Hotline
Ph: 1800 474 753
An information and referral service.

This is an APP that connects you with helpful services and locations.

Business hours emergency housing and women’s shelters Gold Coast

In addition to 24 hour women’s shelters, these services provide crisis accommodation for women and their children.  These organisations may be able to help you to find women’s or family accommodation while you transition to longer term accommodations.  If you’re on a friend’s couch right now, but need to find something more long term, these Gold Coast organisations can help you make the change.

Medium and Long-Term Women’s Housing Gold Coast

Apply for medium and long-term housing assistance or get help with resources for finding a safe place to start your recovery from domestic violence.

Still there?  Plan your exit with a domestic violence safety plan

If you want to leave a violent relationship – be it your romantic partner, your dad or anyone else in your home – Queensland has plenty of resources at hand to help you leave safely.   Across the Gold Coast there are community organisations and law enforcement professionals who can ensure your safety if you, and your children want to leave a violent home.  Getting your financial, support, ID and logistical plans in place before you flee domestic violence can make the process simpler.  There are free women’s legal services available across Australia who can assist with questions like “will he get the kids” and “what happens if I press charges“.  The first step is making the choice to leave.  You’ve done that… what’s stopping you?  The little voice that says “not yet”?  If it seems like the right time to go, it probably is.

You are not alone

You are not alone.  So many women have feared leaving due to family reasons yet took the leap anyway.   Does any of this sound familiar?  These were the main concerns of thousands of women who have successfully left violent relationships and now live safer, happier, more stable lives.

  • I’m worried for my safety if I leave
  • I don’t have friends and family to support me
  • I’m worried about how this will affect my children
  • He always says sorry afterwards
  • If I leave, I will lose all “our friends” or “our community”
  • I have no money to leave
  • What if he tries to take our children?

The hardest step is the first of all steps.  To finally feel free and safe is the most noteworthy feeling.  As a result, you and your family can feel safe. There is support for you and your children across Queensland.  Leaving domestic violence isn’t easy, but the hardest step is the first step.  The organisations we’ve listed can help you get a safe leaving plan in place and support you through the first vital step and refer you to community support programs that can help you make a new, safe life for yourself on the Gold Coast.