24 hour, emergency accommodation and women’s shelters in Brisbane


Ask Izzy – a comprehensive resource for finding emergency services in Australia.

Maria House – Women’s Shelter – Crisis & Emergency Accommodation (Ozcare)
Ph: 1800 692 273

Note that almost all DV shelters will obscure their physical location to protect their residents.  Because domestic violence affects so many lives, these shelters may also have limitations on who they can accept.  Furthermore, boys over a certain age may not be permitted in some shelters.  As a result, we suggest using the Ask Izzy tool first as it provides the most comprehensive database of information.  Most noteworthy, Ask Izzy may be able to provide you with options that suit your specific needs.

Short term accommodation for women and children. Supported accommodation services available for up to twelve weeks.

Women’s shelters Brisbane wide (and across South East Queensland) offer short term accommodation for those recovering from domestic violence.  This may be as little as a few days or as long as three months.  Due to the high demand on shelters, there may be some delay in finding you a place.  Hence, a prompt call can make a big difference.

Sheltered by Grace (Logan, Brisbane)
Ph: (07) 3200 7145
Supported accommodation, 24 hour onsite support and case management program.

Salvation Army
Ph: 13 72 58

Womensline (DV Connect)
Ph: 1800 811 811

Emergency accommodation for QLD women and children who are in danger of violence.

Anglicare Southern Queensland
Ph: 1300 610 610
Accommodation and support for single women and women with children.

Homeless Hotline
Ph: 1800 474 753
An information and referral service.

Business hours emergency housing and women’s shelters Brisbane

In addition to 24 hour women’s shelters, these services provide crisis accommodation for women and their children.  These organisations may be able to help you to find women’s or family accommodation while you transition to longer term accommodations.  Furthermore, these organisations will be able to provide much needed information on financial aid, legal aid and other services.

Medium and long-term women’s housing Brisbane

Apply for medium and long-term housing assistance or get help with resources for finding a safe place to start your recovery from domestic violence.  These services may extend from less than a week to more than a year.

Domestic violence safety plan

If you want to leave a violent relationship – be it your romantic partner, your dad or anyone else in your home – Queensland has plenty of resources at hand to help.

Does any of this sound familiar? If it seems like time to leave, yet the little voice is holding you back, know that you are not alone.  These were the main concerns of thousands of women who have successfully left violent relationships and now live safer, happier, more stable lives.

  • I’m worried for my safety if I leave
  • I don’t have friends and family to support me
  • I’m worried about how this will affect my children
  • He always says sorry afterwards
  • If I leave, I will lose all “our friends” or “our community”
  • I have no money to leave
  • What if he tries to take our children?

There is support for you and your children across Queensland.  Leaving domestic violence isn’t easy, but the hardest step is the first of all.  The organisations we’ve listed can help you get a safe leaving plan in place and support you because every woman deserves to feel safe.  Making the decision to leave is probably the most important one you’ll ever make, because you’ll live a better, happier life as a result.  Learn more about your legal rights through the organisations on this page.