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Are you facing homelessness in Sydney tonight? Click here

Sydney is one of the biggest homeless centres in Australia and we need volunteers in Sydney to help on our many projects. From donating sanitary products to homeless women, to fundraising to help cover the funeral costs for Sydney victims of domestic violence, we need your help! Wouldn’t you like to be the change you want to see in the world? Because Sydney’s homeless problem is so complex and widespread, we need more volunteers than any other location.  If it seems like something you’d enjoy, let’s talk!

Our Sydney Volunteer hub takes care of volunteers across New South Wales.  Are you in one of the regions?  We need you more than ever. There are so many women affected by homelessness and domestic violence across NSW. We work with rural women affected by natural disasters, remote communities and in regional hubs.  Hence our need for volunteers across NSW.

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How you can help right now!

Our Shero Program is the best place to start!  Our Sheroes give a few hours of their time, a few times a year to help on our major donation campaigns. Joining up as a Shero is the first step to making a real difference in this world.

Donate to the homeless, fundraise for the homeless, or be a regular volunteer in the Sydney Share The Dignity community

There are so many ways to get involved, and become a part of the Share The Dignity Sydney family!  We need you – on the streets in Sydney, across New South Wales – or in your spare room volunteering from home.  Whatever you can commit, we deeply appreciate it!  Right now we have specific tasks that need doing – could you volunteer for one of our essential roles?

Donate sanitary products to homeless women and women at risk charities in Sydney

Our Dignity Drive collects hundreds of thousands of sanitary items for women across Australia. It’s a massive job! With thousands of collection boxes to be filled by caring Sydneysiders, then picked up by Sydney volunteers – we always need good people in the greater Sydney area. Can you contribute a few boxes of pads or tampons at a local collection point? Can you help us co-ordinate this massive and essential activity? Your time, your tampons or your dollars are always appreciated – no matter how big or small your contribution! If you’re a student at a school or university in Sydney, we’d love to talk to you about volunteering your time to collect pads and tampons from your classmates. Our Dignity Drive Collection Points are open in April and August.

Organisations, comedians and bloggers needed in Sydney

Share The Dignity’s various projects need assistance from Sydney businesses and social media influencers. Social presence is probably the most important part of our marketing.  Wouldn’t you rather do something good on Facebook? In addition to regular volunteers we love social media influencers because we’ve seen first hand, just how powerful your voice can be.  While tons of followers is great, most of all, we want influencers who care about the plight of homeless women in Sydney.  Seems like a good idea?   Could you use your blog or socials to share the plight of the homeless with Sydneysiders? Please register with us!

It’s not just social media!

In addition to social stars, we need business who can provide services. Could your services help a woman experiencing domestic violence? Could your sporting, arts or technology club provide a free activity for a child living in a Sydney Women’s Shelter? Can you perform HILARIOUS comedy at a charity night?  You don’t need to be a big business partner to lend a hand to women and children in need.

Homeless Sydney – the facts

  • Number of homeless people in Sydney tonight: More than 28,000*
  • Percent of those who are women: 44%*
  • Percent of homeless people sleeping on the street: 6%
  • How do people become homeless in Sydney? Unemployment, housing affordability issues, domestic violence, illness, addiction and trauma are the main causes of homelessness in Sydney.^

How to help the homeless in Sydney

You can help by donating to, or volunteering with, any of the amazing homeless charities in Sydney. Homelessness is a systemic problem that has a devastating impact on everyday Australians. Help Share The Dignity end homelessness in Sydney and stop the deaths at the hands of violent partners and family members. Tell your local councilor that enough is enough. Write to your local member and demand better resources to fight homelessness in Sydney.