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Perth volunteers needed! Welcome to the Share The Dignity Perth charities activity hub!  The Share the Dignity Perth hub co-ordinates volunteers across Western Australia and needs volunteers to give us a hand in greater Perth and across all the towns and cities in the West!  Our Perth Women’s Charity team has some BIG challenges because we’re the BIG state!  The Perth team needs volunteers to work in regional and remote communities, first of all to make deliveries and pick ups and to be the “go to Shero” in YOUR location.  From city to mining town to remote community – our women’s charity is in real need in Western Australia!

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How you can help right now! Perth projects in need of volunteers

Our Shero Program gives volunteers a chance to be part of the team by committing a few hours a few times a year. Share The Dignity has a few key collection campaigns (April, August and November) and need willing volunteers to pick up donations and take them to our distribution partners.  It’s a small gig that makes a big difference. Road trip anyone?  Our Perth charity team faces some unique challenges and we’re keen to talk to volunteers who regularly make long haul trips to remote WA towns too!  Can you be the go-to Shero in your town or city?  So many Western Australian women need you!

Donate, fundraise, or be a regular volunteer at Share The Dignity Perth

There are so many ways to get involved, become a part of the Share The Dignity Perth family!  We need you – on the streets in Perth,  across the great red lands of Western Australia – or in your spare room volunteering from home.  Whatever you can commit, we need it and we’re thankful for it!  We urgently need graphic designers, grant writers and other voluntary roles.  Do you have some mad skills you’d be willing to donate just a few hours a week from home? Check out all our operational voluntary roles.

Business and Bloggers – Stand Up for Western Australian Women

Businesses can make a big difference in funding and organising for our women’s charity in Perth. Could your services help a woman fleeing domestic violence? Would you be willing to offer a free activity for a child recovering from domestic violence?  Your business can lend a hand while showing the community that you care.  Most of all, help the plight of homeless women and those experiencing domestic violence in Western Australia.

Bloggers and social media influencers, we need your voice to share our message with Western Australian audiences.  Just a few shout outs a year on your Facebook, Insta, Twitter or SnapChat feeds go a long way to raising awareness of our women’s charity.   You don’t need a million followers or a squillion customers to greatly improve the lives of Western Australian women and children in need.

Get involved and help make a real difference to domestic violence victims and homeless women in Perth and across Western Australia.  We need you right now, will you step up and Share The Dignity?