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Melbourne volunteers needed! Welcome to the Share The Dignity Melbourne charities hub!  Share The Dignity is a charitable project to help homeless women, at risk women and domestic violence victims to live with dignity. Our projects include donating period products to homeless women, paying funeral costs for victims of domestic violence and supplying period products to women and girls at risk via our dignity vending machines. Our Melbourne Volunteers co-ordinate not only Melbourne but hubs across Victoria.  Are you in Regional Victoria?  Great, we need you the most!

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Get started: Melbourne volunteers needed right now!

Our Shero Program recruits volunteers across Melbourne and Victoria to donate a few hours, a few times a year.  These Sheroes are responsible for co-ordinating and collecting donated pads, tampons and handbags for our three major donation drives.  Interested?  Melbourne, we need your help! Can you donate to help the homeless? Volunteer on one of our projects or host a fundraising event for the homeless.

There are so many ways to get involved! Become a part of the Share The Dignity Melbourne family!

Donate pads and tampons to homeless women and women at risk charities in Melbourne

No woman should have to choose between eating and buying period products. Our Melbourne pad and tampon project team needs you! Our bi-annual Dignity Drive collects tens of thousands of pads and tampons for homeless women, women at risk and domestic violence victims. Next time you’re at the supermarket, get “one for me, one for her” and donate pads and tampons to a Melbourne woman in crisis.

Donate sanitary products to homeless women and women at risk charities in Melbourne

Our Dignity Drive collects hundreds of thousands of sanitary items for women across Australia. It’s a massive job! With thousands of collection boxes to be filled, then picked up by our volunteers – we always need good people in the greater Melbourne area. Can you contribute a few boxes of pads or tampons at a local collection point? Can you help us co-ordinate this massive and essential activity? Your time, your tampons or your dollars are always appreciated – no matter how big or small your contribution! If you’re a student at a school or university in Melbourne, we’d love to talk to you about volunteering your time to collect pads and tampons from your classmates. Our Dignity Drive Collection Points are open in April and August.

Melbourne events that need your time

Dignity Drive providing the homeless with tampons
It's in the bag
Dignity Vending Machines - free tampons and pads
Because we care
Activities for all

Businesses including a ‘man with a van’ Melbourne

Are you a Man With A Van in Melbourne? Maybe you’re a Soccer Club With A Heart or a PR Company With A Conscience? Wouldn’t you rather do something good for your community?  In addition to monetary donations, we need your services! Hence, Melbourne businesses, we need you! Share The Dignity’s various projects need assistance from Melbourne businesses. If you’re a Man With A Van in Melbourne, could you volunteer a little time to help women and children experiencing domestic violence? Our Activities For All project needs kids’ sporting clubs and activities to offer free placement for children living in homeless shelters and in poverty – could you offer a place to a kid in crisis? Can you provide a professional service that would help us to Share The Dignity in Melbourne? Sign up to be a Business With Dignity and join a community of Melbourne people with heart.

Melbourne social media influencers

Share The Dignity grew from nothing. Our volunteers sat at a kitchen table in Melbourne and did the hard yards spreading the word about women living in crisis. Social media influencers have played a big part in getting the word out.  Wouldn’t you rather use your powers of influence for good? Social has probably been the biggest factor in growing our charity, so we understand its power!  Consequently, we’re always keen to hear from social media influencers, bloggers and friendly businesses willing to share our Melbourne events with their audience. A few Facebook shout outs and Instagram shares make a world of difference to us. Could you use your power for good and help Share The Dignity to Melbourne?

We’re also after Melbourne comedians to donate a gig to our Melbourne I Stand Up Comedy Nights.

Homeless Melbourne – the facts

Number of homeless people in Melbourne tonight: 1300*
How do people become homeless in Melbourne? Mostly homelessness is due to unemployment, housing affordability issues, domestic violence, illness, addiction and trauma are the main causes of homelessness in Melbourne.*
Is homelessness on the rise in Melbourne? Yes. There are currently 20,000 people awaiting public housing in Melbourne.* Hence the growing need for your help!

What are the high risk factors for women becoming homeless^?

While homelessness isn’t a simple problem, women become homeless due to these issues.

  • Unemployment and prolonged workforce leave
  • Domestic violence
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women
  • Older women
  • Women with a mental illness
  • Women with a disability

How to help the homeless in Melbourne

You can help by donating to, or volunteering with, any of the amazing homeless charities in Melbourne. There are so many great people helping the homeless, it’s not just Share The Dignity. Due to Homelessness being a systemic problem, we’re fighting just one part of the system. Consequentially Melbourne needs you to stand up.  Wouldn’t you rather be the change you want to see in the world?
Help Share The Dignity end homelessness in Melbourne and stop the deaths at the hands of violent partners and family members. Help us fight the good fight. Write to your local council member and demand more resources to fight homelessness in Melbourne.