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Volunteer Canberra - Donate to Charities in the ACT

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It’s time to step up and volunteer Canberra!  Our Canberra hub co-ordinates volunteers across the ACT to help share dignity and safety to homeless women and women fleeing domestic violence.  Can you help?  We need volunteers in Canberra right now… if you want to help women live the lives they deserve, sign up to fill any one of many volunteer opportunities in Canberra.   Canberra is the heart of charity funding – we need “on the ground” volunteers to help guarantee every man or woman in the ACT is fully aware of the challenges of disadvantaged and vulnerable women in Australia.  Can you help bring the message to the people of Canberra?

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Get started today: Canberra volunteers needed

A few hours, a few times a year… finally a volunteer program that fits YOUR schedule! Our Shero Program is the perfect option for busy volunteers across the Australian Capital Territory because it’s flexible and can be done at home. In addition to our major collection campaigns (April, August and November) there’s a host of opportunities available. Maybe you’re keen to deliver donated pads and tampons and (Christmas campaign handbags) to our partner charities for distribution? Due to demand, there’s plenty of small jobs and also roles that help you get ahead in your career.  It’s a small commitment that makes a big difference. So many ACT women need you and women across Australia need Canberra to start listening!

Volunteer from home in Canberra

Volunteer from your Canberra bedroom! Would you rather take a volunteer job that furthers your career? Work at home volunteer opportunities are available right now for those with amazing skills to share.  We believe in helping every volunteer to gain fulfilment in their role because our volunteers are the most important thing to us. Looking for volunteering opportunities that allow you to use your professional skills?  Check out all our voluntary roles.

Public Servants – Stand Up for Women in Canberra and Across Australia

Working in government? Get your department on board for The Dignity Cup – an event that rewards NGOs, Corporates and Government Departments for helping women in need.  Could you raise awareness amongst policy makers and politicians from the inside?  As a charity, we ensure 95% of our donations go directly to the people who need them most.  Hence no funds for expensive lobbying or overheads due to consultants.  We need a Shero on the inside to spread the word… will you step up and help us raise awareness in the funding capital of Australia?

Social Influencers and Business Owners in the ACT

Share The Dignity was started and raised up on Social Media. Consequentially, we’re always keen to connect with like-minded bloggers and influencers who can share our message a few times a year.  Your “shout out” raises awareness and is a powerful influencer of Canberra audiences on social media. You don’t need a million followers to make an impact. We’re building a better Australia for vulnerable women, one status update at a time!  We know social’s power because we’ve seen it in action, hence our love of influencers!

Canberra businesses – you are the life blood of Share The Dignity in the ACT. Could your services help a woman experiencing domestic violence? From a simple “Man With A Van” to a Corporation seeking CSR partnerships…. every act of kindness, large or small makes a big difference to the recipient. Would you be willing to offer a free activity for a child recovering in domestic violence shelters or temporary housing?  Business can offer so much more than financial contributions… although, as an Australian charity, of course we welcome those too!

Stand up for a cause worth fighting for! Volunteer in Canberra and help women across Australia.