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This wonderful prize has been gifted to Share the Dignity and for just $5 you could win this fabulous holiday and help ensure that no woman or girl should ever have to use newspaper, socks or wadded up toilet paper to deal with her period. It is the mission of Share the Dignity to End Period Poverty in this country.

Tickets are priced at $5 each, 2 tickets for $10, 3 tickets for $15, 4 tickets for $20, 5 tickets for $25, 10 tickets for $45, 20 tickets for $85

1st Prize valued at $30,000

Enjoy a once in a life time holiday for two, with American Airlines Business Class flights to New York departing on the 10th of October 2019.

Your accommodation at the Hyatt in New York City for 3 nights is all paid for. LUXURY then calls you as you head on board for 2 nights on board the Viking Sky in Port. Which means a fabulous 5 nights stay in New York City.

THEN EXPERIENCE 13 MAGICAL NIGHTS AT SEA on the Viking sky to Puerto Rico.

**Prize includes all Business Class Flights from Sydney to Los Angeles with connecting flights to New York and back to Sydney.

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How These Raffle Tickets Change Lives

For many Australian women, dealing with their monthly period is something they take for granted. It may mean a quick dash to the shop for last minute supplies or possibly some discomfort for a few days, but beyond that, for the most part, it is fairly easy to continue with everyday life.

For homeless women in Australia, their monthly period is something very different. There is no ducking to the shop for last minute supplies. The price of sanitary items is often beyond their limited resources. When faced with the decision of buying pads and tampons or feeding their family, these women will often put themselves last and go without sanitary items. Discomfort for these women takes on another meaning when faced with no way to keep clean during a natural process.

So how do these women manage their period? Makeshift pads of wadded up toilet paper, newspaper or socks. Using public rest rooms in an attempt to remain clean and feel some level of personal dignity.

Share the Dignity believes that access to these items should be a right, not a privilege. One of our major, ongoing projects is to supply sanitary items to all homeless women in Australia.

The 2019 Share the Dignity Raffle will raise essential funds for us to continue our programmes such as Because We Care and supplying our #pinkbox Dignity Vending Machines free of charge right around Australia.