This is where we started. In March 2015 Rochelle Courtenay asked friends to help her collect pads and tampons to help out local homeless in her area of Brisbane. That first small collection led to the birth of Share the Dignity and our bi-annual #DignityDrives.

Twice a year we ask the public to donate pads and tampons to collection points throughout the country. At the end of the month we donate the thousands of packets of unopened sanitary products to our partner charities.

Homeless women need your help

On any given night in Australia, 1 in 200 people are homeless. 44% are female. 27% are children under the age of 18. Family violence is the number one reason people present to homeless services. 55% of females cite this reason. We need your donation.

When you donate sanitary products to Share The Dignity, you’re donating much more than pads and tampons. You’re giving a woman experiencing homelessness or financial crisis the essentials, so she doesn’t need to choose between food and dignity.

Next time you’re doing your shopping, keep in mind: one box for me, one box for her. Imagine how many boxes you will be able to drop into your closest collection box during our April and August #Dignitydrives.

Share the Dignity - Dignity Drive - older woman - homeless

The August Dignity Drive is now on.

Order a Collection Box

Share the Dignity - Collection box for Dignity Drive

Purchase a collection box for your business, or get creative and make your own.

“I loved watching customers waiting for a takeaway coffee and reading the dignity box and smiling, then returning an hour later with a bag full of donations.”

“I was overwhelmed by the positive response from not only my staff but customers, centre management and other staff in the shopping centre.”

“I have loved being a part of Share the Dignity.  All of my team have embraced it and our customers have regularly commented on what a great cause it is.”

Are you a Charity that needs donations of sanitary items?

We collect sanitary items for the months of April and August. Our Sheroes and Heroes delivery the collected items to our registered charities in May and September.

We also collect #itsinthebag donations in November which are donated to charities in December for women and girls in need at Christmas time.

If you are a charity that is helping women and girls who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or experiencing domestic violence then we would love to be able to help you.

Please register using the “New Charity Registration” form below and our team will be in contact with you. If you have already registered with Share the Dignity, and would like to provide your product request for the August Dignity Drive, please let us know via the “Register for Dignity Drive” button below.

Can you spare a few hours to volunteer during our Dignity Drives?

We are always looking for good people to sign up as Sheroes. Our sheroes (and heroes) volunteer a few hours a week to collect donated pads and tampons and take them to local charitable organisations for distribution. We hold three collections a year and there is always lots to be done to help them run smoothly. Your kindness in donating a few hours a week to help homeless, at risk and victims of domestic violence makes a real, practical difference to women in need.