Funding for funerals of victims killed as a result of domestic violence

Because We Care is an initiative of Share the Dignity, tasked with funding the funerals of domestic violence victims. Between 80 and 100 Australian women die at the hands of their male partners every year – a  woman in Australia is more likely to be killed in her own home, by her partner, than anywhere else, or by anyone else.
This statistic does not include the men and children who are also victims. These women, men and children lost their lives at the hands of their partner, mother or father, someone charged with the responsibility of their care and mutual respect.

If we feel the loss of these individuals so deeply, it needs to be understood the level of grief their immediate family must face at such a time. Children who have lost their mother, with no father to turn to. Families who must now lay a daughter, sister, brother, father, grandchild to rest; with the knowledge of their wrongful and untimely death, must find a way to comfort and care for those left behind.

If we could ease just part of this pain, make the burden a little lighter to carry, give dignity and one small justice to the life of a beautiful soul. This is what we want to do – Because We Care.

Teresa’s story

Because We Care offers support and care to families dealing with the loss of a loved one at the hands of domestic violence. Our charity will fund and organise, at the request of their families, the funerals of all victims lost to domestic violence.

Teresa Bradford’s family were left looking after her children, with no money to fund a funeral, a home and crime scene to be cleaned and rent to be paid. Share the Dignity via our Because We Care initiative stepped in, funding and assisting in funeral arrangements, rallying volunteers and completing the cleaning on behalf of the family. Allowing their focus to return to their own grief and the wellbeing of Teresa’s children.

Sadie’s story

Sadie Foster in the Northern Territory, lay in a morgue for over three months. With no money, her family were unable to bury their sister. Leaving them with no closure and further distress on top of the loss of their loved one.

Because We Care funded Sadie’s funeral allowing her family and Sadie the dignity they deserve.

Isabella’s story

Isabella Martin was a beautiful baby girl barely 6 months old taken from this world too soon. Killed at the hand of her own father, Isabella’s mum was left shocked and broken and with the harrowing task of organising a funeral fr her beautiful baby girl. A task no parent should ever have to undertake. Our BWC representative in WA worked closely with Isabella’s aunt to ensure her Mum’s wishes were taken care of organising funeral arrangements, as well as the creation of special pieces to ensure memories of Isabella could be memorialised for her mum. The cost of which was all taken care of by Share the Dignity.

Our Because We Care initiative currently relies solely on the assistance of private donations. With funerals costing on average $10,000, we require ongoing assistance in order to be able to continue to provide this service to grieving families.


Domestic Violence Charity paying for funerals of victims

In addition to paying for domestic violence related funerals, as a not-for-profit, we raise awareness about the 1800 Respect domestic violence helpline, crisis assistance and new technologies  that can protect women from violent partners. We ask that Australians band together to continue to raise awareness and demand increased funding for domestic violence charities. Write a letter to your local, state and federal members demanding they take more steps to stop the deaths.

Have you lost someone to domestic violence?

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