The 2019 April Dignity Drive is now finished.

Thank you for your support!

PInk Box Collection POints for pad and tampon donationsEvery April and August we ask the public to donate pads and tampons to collection points throughout the country.

At the end of the month we donate the thousands of packets of sanitary products to our partner charities. Each packet of pads and tampons, menstrual cup or online donation that you contribute makes a real difference for a woman in need in your community.

“One box for me, one box for her”

Next time you’re at the shops, purchase an extra pack (or two) of sanitary items and donate them in a Pink Collection Box at your closest collection point during our Dignity Drive.

Your donation is vital and we are grateful for your support.

What if I miss the April or August Dignity Drive Collections?

You can still help by donating now online, or through workplace giving or via bequests. Find out more on how you can donate.