Donate Pads And Tampons – Find Your Closest Collection Boxes

#DignityDrive – Keep an eye out for our Pink Boxes!

Next time you’re at the shops, remember to buy one for you, one for her and make a big difference to someone’s wellbeing. It’s simple. Purchase an extra pack (or two) of sanitary items and pop them in the nearest Pink Collection Box during April and August. We’ll collect your donation of pads and tampons and distribute them across Australia to homeless women and women in crisis. One simple gesture, one big difference. It’s called Dignity Drive and it’s on during April and August, so don’t forget:

One for you, one for her!

PInk Box Collection POints for pad and tampon donations

Collection point registrations will reopen in January 2018.

Donate pads and tampons this Dignity Drive.
Can you donate just $10?
We’re so grateful for every donation, big or small!

No Dignity Drive Pink Donation Box near you? No worries!

We’ve worked hard to make it easy to donate pads and tampons to women in need, with charity bin locations across Australia. But if there are no donation bins in your area, or you’re just too busy to run to the shops, here are some other simple ways to improve the lives of your Australian sisters in need.

Donate $12.50 and we’ll make sure your money goes directly to women in need

It’s simple… and tax deductible! As a registered charity, your donation is 100% tax deductible, and monetary donations mean we don’t get hit with GST! It’s win-win. It takes less than a minute to help a sister preserve her dignity for the month.
Give $12.50 to provide a month of dignity to a sister in need.

Forego the 4th Monthly Donation

Forego your coffee on the 4th of each month and donate those dollars to a sister in need.
It takes two minutes to change everything. Get started now because it will be the greatest thing you do this month!

Donate your time

Join our Shero program and give a little time to someone in need.  Our Sheroes collect pad and tampon donations and deliver them to local charitable organisations for distribution.  They go to homeless women, women at risk and women fleeing domestic violence.  Could you spare a few hours to help out?  We’d certainly appreciate your time!

Join local Sheroes doing good!

We need Shero volunteers all over Australia.  Our state by state volunteer hubs are run out of capital cities.  We are always after local volunteers to step up! We also need regional Sheroes to head up Share The Dignity in towns and cities where it’s needed most.  Share The Dignity provides services to remote communities, farming communities affected by drought and women in crisis in towns across Australia.  Therefore, we need you. Could you be your region’s Shero?

Talk to the volunteers co-ordinator in your state’s capital city for more information

Melbourne Volunteers Brisbane Volunteers | Sydney Volunteers | Adelaide Volunteers | Perth Volunteers | Darwin Volunteers | Hobart Volunteers | Canberra Volunteers

Your donation ALWAYS goes to good use

We’re proud to donate 100% of the sanitary products collected through our Pink Collection Boxes. These packs of pads and tampons go to women living in poverty.  Your donation goes to homeless women.  We give tampons to girls who may miss school because they don’t have access to basic sanitary items. Your donation may go to rural women affected by droughts and floods.  You might be donating to women fleeing domestic violence, to women receiving food parcels from not for profit organisations and to women in crisis… any crisis.  Most of all, your donation is not wasted.  Because there is such a great need for your help, 100% of it goes straight to the women who need it.

We believe that access to sanitary products is every woman’s right because dignity is every woman’s right. We believe that nobody should ever be forced to choose between buying a meal and buying tampons. Your donation is vital and we are grateful for your support.

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