Activities 4 All provides free kids activities, classes and sport’s lessons to kids as they recover from long-term exposure to domestic violence. Tens of thousands of Australian kids are growing up in violent homes. Consequently, this violence scars little minds for life and can contribute to ongoing cycles of violence. Hence Activities For All. It is how we recognise the enduring impact. Activities 4 All empowers vulnerable children to feel loved and a sense of belonging to a community.

Can your child’s favourite after school activity provide free activities for kids at risk?

Next time you take your child to swimming, piano lessons, footy, dance, Japanese or art class, ask the instructor if they can provide their activity for free for a child in need. We’re looking for all kinds of kids activities, from sports to music to coding! Because if your child is interested, chances are, there’s a child in a domestic violence shelter or other accommodation who’d love to try it too!

Clubs and classes – how your organisation can help

We are seeking scholarships from activity providers to ensure we can make a difference in the lives of as many children as possible. A scholarship allows a child to participate in your activity for at least 2 school terms or 1 season.

Every scholarship donated will introduce a child to a new supportive community and give them the opportunity to engage in healthy, positive, social activities. Hence, these children will be exposed to new types of relationships with children and adults. And of course they will have some much-needed fun!

Join our A4A ambassadors and help us improve the lives of children who have experienced family violence by becoming an “A4A Provider”. Every kids’ activity scholarship you provide will empower and return joy to the lives of children in your community.

Not sure if you can help? We’re happy to answer any questions – email us now [email protected]

Be a sporting legend! Join our Ambassadors and Stop The Cycle!

Activities 4 All - Hayley Lewis

Hayley Lewis joins us as an ambassador

Activities 4 All - Tina Harris

Tina Harris joins us as an ambassador

Activities 4 All - Monique Murphy

Monique Murphy joins us as an ambassador