Activities 4 All – Free children’s activities to break the cycle of domestic violence

Tens of thousands of Australian children are growing up in violent homes. This violence scars little minds for life and can contribute to ongoing cycles of violence.

Activities 4 All provide free Sport, Recreational, Music or Arts activities to children as they recover from long-term exposure to domestic violence. We partner with organisations to provide scholarships for these activities, empowering vulnerable children to learn new skills, develop self-confidence, and feel a sense of belonging within a community.

How does Activities 4 All work?


What does a scholarship include?

Activities 4 All is seeking scholarships in Sport, Recreation, Music and Arts. A scholarship allows a child, up to and including 17 years old, to participate in an activity for a minimum of two school terms, or one season.

Each scholarship offered will introduce a child to a new and supportive community and give them the opportunity to engage in active and positive social activities. During these activities the child is introduced to new healthy types of relationships between children and adults while having some much-needed fun.

Parent feedback…

This is amazing news, thank you so much for organising it! Having the opportunity to join a sporting activity will help [him] with building social skills and hopefully meet some new friends along the way. We appreciate this so much!

How can you help, as an individual?

Activities 4 All are looking for all kinds of children’s activities– from sport to music, dancing to coding. If your child enjoys an extracurricular activity, there will be a child whose life has been impacted by domestic violence who would love to try it too. Next time you take your child to their favourite activity, let the coordinator know about Activities 4 and ask if the organisation can provide a scholarship for a child in need.

Can you suggest an activity provider that could offer a scholarship? Can you suggest a charity that supports children who could benefit from social activities? Activities 4 All relies on advocates like yourself to help spread our message.

How can you help, as a charity?

Many charities within social work and mental health, provide support for children who are impacted by domestic violence and are looking for social activities for these children to participate in.

If you are involved in a charity and would like to refer a child for a scholarship program, register with Activities 4 All to get started.

How can you help, as an activity provider?

Are you part of an organisation offering Sport, Recreation, Music or Arts activities to children? Providing a child with an opportunity to participate in a fun, social activity within a supportive community can alter the potential ongoing cycle of violence in their lives.

Partner with Activities 4 All to offer your organisation resources as a scholarship to a child of domestic violence.

Join our Ambassadors and stop the cycle!

Activities 4 All Ambassadors are vital ‘providers’ to the scholarship program. Every activity scholarship provided by an Ambassador empowers and brings joy to the lives of children in their community.

Our Activities 4 All Ambassadors are:

Activities 4 All - Tina Harris

Tina Harris
Member of Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band

Activities 4 All - Hayley Lewis

Hayley Lewis
Former Australian swimmer and host of The Biggest Loser

Activities 4 All - Monique Murphy

Monique Murphy
Australian Paralympic swimmer